10 Ways To Love Your Corporate Partners This Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day…  Love it or hate it, there is never a bad reason to reach out to someone and let them know that they are important in your world and that you value them.

Your corporate partners are no different, and as for-purpose fundraisers, we often struggle to find the balance between partnership acquisition and relationship management.

So, today I want to share 10 quick, easy and super thoughtful things you can do for your corporate partners to let them know how much they rock your world!

10 Ways To Love Your Corporate Partners This Valentine’s Day

1. It’s all about social. Yep, anything that you do for your partners should ideally be done in ways that can be greatly amplified by them on social media.  (That goes for the rest of the tips I’m about to share too!)  Why not craft a special social media shout-out to each of your corporate partners letting them know how much you value them and couldn’t keep up your great work without their valued support? Make sure you use relevant hashtags and don’t forget to tag your partners!

2. Create a short video. People LOVE watching videos! You can easily create a 1-2 min video for your corporate partners showing them your fun-loving side. You could walk around the office and video the team as they wave and smile.  Perhaps people could be holding up signs with easy to read messages of the ‘thanks’ and ‘we love you’? If you have someone creative on the team, you could overlay it with a funky tune and send it out on social. Make it fun! Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags and don’t forget to tag your partners!

3. A hand-written Valentine’s Day card from your CEO and Board. Hand-written cards aren’t as common as they used to be, but the extra effort required to produce them never fails to give the recipient a boost. If you don’t have enough lead time to get your CEO and Board involved, then a beautiful card from you is just as powerful! Why not hand deliver it if they are geographically close to you?

4. Take your corporate partner to lunch 1:1. This is not a pitching opportunity, just a good old fashioned treat to get you both out of the office and breaking bread. You’d be surprised what you can learn about your partners over lunch and how much deeper a connection you can forge!

5. Send flowers or a hamper to your corporate partners. There are some creative and inexpensive hamper and flower ideas on the web, AND they do all the hard work for you. Ideally, you want to ensure anything you send is branded with your organisation’s name and a thank you card. Send it to your contact, or splurge a little and include the wider team that is involved in activating your partnership.  Everyone loves a little recognition of their hard work and involvement.

6. Make a photo book. With a little more time, you can showcase your partnership together from inception to the current day by creating a photo journey.  Scrapbooking and photobook printing websites abound, and they do it very professionally too!  Don’t forget to include your logo, make it fully branded and create something your partners would be proud to display in their office.

7. Vox pops. (Vox populi is a Latin phrase that means ‘voice of the people’.) Why not take a series of short videos of your supporters, community of followers, clients, members or even your volunteers and Board thanking your partners for their support? It’s always powerful for you to thank your partners (especially publicly), but when your event attendees or supporters make time to say ‘we love that you’re involved and are grateful for your support’ it’s a whole other ball game.  Share, share, share!

8. Bake them a treat. Who doesn’t love some wholesome home cooking? Why not bake morning tea for your corporate partners and deliver it to their workplace? Want to really hit a home goal?  Make sure you cater for different dietary requirements and why not call ahead and take the team’s order for coffee delivery?  Don’t forget a hand-written card to let them know who’s thinking of them this Valentine’s day!

9. Create a simple impact report. You are doing great things in your organisation and every day you keep stepping forward, serving, saving, healing our environment and communities.  But are you sharing your amazing work with the world?  A simple impact report can do wonders and they are easy to put together.  Use infographics to provide a snapshot of where your org/services/programs/mission is at.  How many meals have you served this year? How many people receive your services? How many trees have been planted/referrals made/new housing build/new jobs created? You can benchmark your progress across a full year. No matter how small the progress, give your corporate partners credit for your ability to mobilise and keep doing good. Thank them for their support and share it on social!

10.You’re our hero! Looking for something a little bit out of the box? Got a creative design person on your team? Why not take a photo of your sponsor (or get permission to use one you already have) and make it into a poster, with them as the hero? You could use an already established picture and with some clever editing superimpose their face on the hero’s body!

So there you have it.  10 ways (that won’t take you weeks and weeks to pull together) to show your corporate partners that you love them, appreciate them and want to be partners for years to come!  Most importantly, these 10 ways are a much-needed avenue that your partners can use to communicate more widely about your partnership to their customers and employees.

Go forth and spread the love!

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